Germany's »market value solar« lost almost 60 percent

The »market value solar« determined by the four German transmission system operators for the month of October is 12.904 euro cents (12,941 US cent) per kilowatt hour. Although this is still a very high level when measured against the development up to around mid-2021, it also represents a drop of 59.3 percent compared with the 31.673 euro cents/kWh recorded in September. In August, the market value had reached its all-time high of 39.910 euro cents.
The development corresponds to the power exchange prices that are decisive for the development of the market value. The average price in the day-ahead market of the European power exchange Epex Spot in the base load segment was 15.260 euro cents in October, 34.612 euro cents in September and 46.518 euro cents in August.
The market value solar, which is decisive for the so-called direct marketing of solar power, is a calculated average of the revenues generated from trading on the exchange for electricity from plants subsidized under the Renewable Energy Law (EEG). Direct marketing is mandatory for PV systems of 100 kilowatts or more.

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