Germany’s »market value solar« halved

The »market value solar«, i.e. the average revenue generated by German transmission system operators in exchange trading of electricity from PV systems subsidized under the country’s Renewable Energy Law (EEG), amounts to 12.291 euro cents (13.174 U.S. cents) per kilowatt hour for January, only about half the amount of 24.661 euro cents determined in December. The figure thus follows the comparatively sharp drop in exchange electricity prices: The monthly average in the »day-ahead« market of the European power exchange Epex Spot in the base load segment fell from 25.162 cents in December to 11.783 cents in January.
The market value solar, which despite the current decline is still far above the compensation rates defined in the EEG for medium and large PV systems, is decisive for the revenues in the so-called direct marketing, which is mandatory for systems above 100 kilowatts. Currently, this relates to 21.22 GW in »subsidized direct marketing« - although at current market values, such subsidization only applies to older plants with high legally guaranteed remuneration. In addition, there are 3.93 GW in »other direct marketing«. In total, this is significantly more than one third of the total German solar power capacity of just under 67 gigawatts.

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