Germany's »market value solar« at 31.673 cents

The »market value solar« calculated in Germany by the four transmission system operators reached 31.673 eurocents/kWh for the month of September. This is the second highest level ever recorded, but 20.6 percent lower than the record value of 39.910 cents calculated for August. The situation is similar for the power exchange prices that are decisive for the development of the market value: In September, a kilowatt hour in the base-load segment traded for an average of 34.612 eurocents on the »day-ahead« market of the Epex Spot power exchange. This is also the second highest value historically, but nevertheless down 25.6 percent from the all-time high of 46.518 cents in August.
Year-over-year, this means that the market value of solar is up 170 percent, while the price of electricity on the exchange is also up 170 percent. Compared to two years ago, market value solar is up 696 percent and the power exchange price is up 692 percent.
The market value solar is a calculated average of the revenues generated by trading on the power exchange for electricity from plants subsidized under the Renewable Energy Law (EEG). If it is below the legally defined compensation rate for the »direct marketing« of solar power, which is obligatory from 100 kilowatts, the difference is compensated. However, this has no longer been the case for around one and a half years.

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