Germany’s »market value solar« at 15.374 cents

The »market value solar« - the arithmetical average of the proceeds generated from exchange trading in electricity from PV systems subsidized under the German Renewable Energy Law (EEG) – is 15.374 euro cents (16.180 US cents) per kilowatt hour for the month of November. Compared with October (12.904 euro cents), the value calculated by the four German transmission system operators has thus risen by 19 percent. Its all-time high of 39.910 euro cents had been recorded in August.
The market value depends to a large extent on exchange electricity prices. The average price in the »day-ahead« market of the Epex Spot power exchange in the base load segment was 17.363 euro cents in November and 15.260 euro cents in October; in August, it was 46.518 euro cents.
For PV systems in the so-called direct marketing, the market value solar is decisive for whether and how much they are reimbursed from the EEG account. If the market value is below the compensation defined in the EEG for the respective plant, the difference is compensated. If it is higher, which has practically ceased to occur since spring 2021, the additional revenue remains with the plant operators.

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