Germany's EEG levy fund registers surplus again in December

The German EEG levy account, which funds Germany’s renewable energy programs, recorded a surplus of €667 million ($907.8 million) for the month of December, continuing the trend registered in the previous 2 months. This means that last month, revenue generated by the EEG levy and from selling EEG electricity on the energy stock market was more than sufficient to cover the costs of incentives and bonus payments owed to renewable energy system owners that month. The EEG levy generated €2.466 billion in 2013 as a whole. The account had a total deficit of €2.691 billion at the end of 2012, which means the deficit now stands at roughly €255 million. At the beginning of 2013, the German grid operators predicted that the account would have a deficit of about €300 million at the end of 2013, taking into account the sharp drop in prices on the German electricity market.

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