Germany’s EEG levy account slightly below previous year’s level

Movement on the EEG levy account: Account balance (in billions of Euros) compared with the previous year's level (blue)

The German EEG levy account, which funds Germany’s renewable energy programs, had a cumulative surplus of €5.44 billion ($6.10 billion) as of April 30. This is €198 million or 3.5 percent less than at the same time last year. For the first time since last June, the account balance is thus below the prior-year figure.
The income booked in April amounted to €2.22 billion ($2.49 billion), of which €2.02 billion came from the EEG levy and €152.7 million from the marketing of electricity from renewable energy plants on the electricity exchange. Expenses amounted to €2.78 billion, resulting in a monthly balance of minus €558 million.

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