Germany could open auctions for large-scale PV to projects in Luxembourg and Denmark

Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) is planning to open the auctions for large-scale PV plants to projects developed in other EU countries such as Denmark and Luxembourg. In a document published on its website, the BMWi said that it will open its auctions to projects comings from other EU countries provided that these countries are also available to open their auctions to projects located in Germany.
In early March, the Danish Energy Agency said it was planning to conduct a pilot tender for the allocation of 20 MW of PV power in 2016 and that 2.4 MW of the 20 MW is expected to be open for installations located in Germany. The agency stressed that part of the pilot tender will be open for PV installations located in at least one other EEA country than Denmark which has direct electrical connection to Denmark and that the government will have to enter into a cooperation agreement with the government of the EEA country in question.
Germany aims to allocate 1.1 GW of PV capacity through its auction for large-scale PV in the period 2015-17. While the 2015 auctions allocated a total of 500 MW of PV capacity, the 2016 and 2017 auctions will allocate just 400 MW and 300 MW, respectively. Starting from 2018, the auctions will also include other renewable energy technologies, and the value of incentives will be established by the market.

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