German tender for rooftop systems again disappointing

The latest tender for rooftop solar installations in Germany again ended with decidedly meager results. According to the results now published by the Federal Network Agency, the volume of 767 megawatts (MW) was significantly undersubscribed with a total of 171 bids for a total capacity of 212 MW. Seven bids also had formal errors, so that only 163 projects with 204 MW were awarded a contract.
The few projects are also quite expensive: the awarded bid values ranged from 7.00 to 8.91 euro cents (7.30 to 9.30 ¢) per kilowatt-hour, with a volume-weighted average of 8.53 euro cents (8.90 ¢). In contrast, outside of tenders, rooftop systems up to 750 kilowatts (kW) currently receive 5.31 euro cents, with systems of 300 kW and above either participating in a tender or receiving compensation for only 50 percent of their electricity yield. Above 750 kW, participation in a tender is mandatory. The German government wants to raise the limit for mandatory participation in tenders to 1 MW.

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