German tender oversubscribed by 900 MW

In the German tender for solar plants of the »first segment« with a bid deadline of 1 March, 347 bids with a volume of 2,869 megawatts (MW) were received – more than ever before, as the Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur, BNetzA) announced on Thursday (April 13). The »first segment« includes ground-mounted PV systems as well as systems erected on, at or in structural facilities that are neither buildings nor noise barriers. The quantity put out to tender was 1,950 MW, the round was thus oversubscribed by 919 MW. 245 bids with a volume of 1,952 MW were awarded. »For the first time since June 2022, the quantity of bids received significantly exceeds the quantity put out to tender. Never before have so many bids been submitted in such a tender by the Federal Network Agency. The task now is to maintain this high level of bids in order to drive forward the necessary expansion in the long term,« says BNetzA-president Klaus Müller.
The Federal Network Agency had raised the maximum value for this tender segment to 7.37 euro cents (8.07 US cents) per kilowatt hour before the bidding deadline. The award values determined in the bid price procedure range between 5.29 and 7.30 euro cents with an average volume-weighted value of 7.03 euro cents (7.70 US cents). In the last tender with a bid deadline of November 1, 2022 – i.e., before the maximum value had been raised – the average was 5.80 euro cents, but the round was also significantly under-subscribed, with bids for 714 MW at a volume of 1,126 MW.

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