German solar tenders significantly oversubscribed

The German Federal Network Agency has announced the successful bids in the technology-specific tenders for solar energy in the first and second segments for the bidding deadline of June 1, 2021. In the first segment solar tender, bidders were able to submit bids for ground-mounted systems larger than 750 kilowatts. There were 242 bids submitted, totaling 1,130 MW. The tendered volume of 510 MW was thus once again significantly oversubscribed.
A total of 95 bids will be awarded for a solar capacity to be built of 513 MW. The largest share of the awarded volume - geographically speaking - goes to bids for sites in Bavaria (52 awards, 233 MW). In terms of area categories, 34 of the awarded bids with a volume of 223 MW are for arable land and grassland, with most of the awards also going to bids for areas in Bavaria (26 awards, 154 MW).
The surcharge values determined in the bid price procedure range between 4.69 and 5.09 Eurocent per kilowatt hour (ct/kWh). The average volume-weighted award value in this round is 5.00 ct/kWh (5.9 US-Cent), slightly below the previous round's 5.03 ct/kWh. Eleven bids had to be excluded from the procedure due to formal errors.
For the first time, the Federal Network Agency issued a tender for solar systems on buildings or on noise barriers with an installed capacity of more than 300 kilowatts (»second segment«). With a tendered volume of 150 MW, 168 bids with a volume of 213 MW were submitted. 114 bids with a volume of 152 MW were awarded. From a regional point of view, the majority of bids were awarded in Saxony-Anhalt (34 MW, 21 awards), Brandenburg (30 MW, 29 awards) and Lower Saxony (29 MW, 22 awards).
The surcharge values of the awarded bids range from 5.35 ct/kWh to 7.89 ct/kWh. The volume-weighted average award value is 6.88 ct/kWh (8.12 US-Cent). 15 bids were excluded from the procedure due to formal errors.
The next bidding rounds will take place on November 1, 2021 for the first segment solar and December 1, 2021 for the second segment solar.

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