German solar industry calls for more solar in the heating sector

After Germany declared the »alarm level gas« last week as a result of the Ukraine war, the German Solar Industry Association (BSW) »appeals to the population, the federal government and energy suppliers to make much greater use of solar energy in the heating sector in the future«. Although almost five million roofs in the country are now used for solar generation of electricity or heat, »the vast majority of solar potential« still remains untapped.
The replacement of existing gas or oil heating systems with pellet heating systems or heat pumps, which is often recommended as protection against exploding costs, is »only really efficient in combination with a solar system,« according to the BSW. This would significantly reduce the need for wood pellets, which are also becoming increasingly expensive, and for mains electricity for the heat pump.
Furthermore, the BSW expects assistance from political decision-makers with the protection against rising energy costs also for tenants. Thus it is incomprehensible »that a repeatedly announced promotion of large solar thermal systems for connection to local and district heating nets has been tabled for more than a year now without comprehensible reason«. Since a »solarization« of the district heating nets does not advance also because of lacking investment readiness of public utilities and municipalities, an annually rising »renewable energy minimum ratio« should be introduced here. Furthermore, the association suggests auctions for large solar thermal plants similar to those for PV.

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