German solar companies more optimistic than ever

The »Photovoltaics Business Climate Index«, which has been compiled by the German Solar Industry Association (BSW) since 2005 by surveying its member companies, has reached an all-time high of 149 points. The previous index high had been recorded in 2019 at 142 points. Strangely enough, this means that even in the times when the German solar market had growth rates of more than 90 percent, the mood in the industry was not as good as it is at present. However, the BSW does not provide any precise information on the methodology of its survey.
In addition to the ambitious renewable energy targets of the German government, the association also cites the recent enormous increase in willingness to invest due to the high energy prices as reasons for the positive mood among installers and other solar companies. A survey commissioned by the BSW from the online market research company YouGov at the beginning of May showed that almost one in six homeowners in the country is planning to build a solar system to generate electricity or heat in the next twelve months. Twenty-two percent of all commercial businesses plan to do so in the next three years, according to a YouGov survey conducted in January.

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