German PV market at the volume of the record year 2012 in May

For the month of May, the German Federal Network Agency registered new PV systems with a total capacity of 446.3 MW. This is the highest monthly figure since January 2019 (489 MW); at that time, however, there was an exceptional situation due to an impending extraordinary reduction in the German feed-in tariff for large roof-mounted installations. Prior to that, new installations in Germany reached a comparable level at 435 MW in November 2012 – a year that ended with a record total of 7.6 GW. However, at that time there were also much higher monthly figures with a record of 1,223 megawatts in March 2012.
The new capacity registered for last May is 17.4 percent higher than in April (380 MW) and 97.3 percent higher than in May 2019 (226 MW). Around 99 percent (442.8 MW) of the newly installed capacity is eligible for payment under the German Renewable Energy Law (EEG). 28 percent was built in response to tenders.
In total, the new capacity installed in the first five months of the year now amounts to 1.93 GW; extrapolated to the year as a whole, this would result in 4.62 GW, by far the highest figure since 2012. The total PV capacity installed in Germany as of May 31 was around 51.1 GW.

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