German »Market Value Solar« at 39.9 euro cents, exchange electricity prices at record highs

The »market value solar« determined by the four German transmission system operators rose to 39.91 euro cents (39.770 ¢) per kilowatt hour in August. This is the highest value ever (the previous highest value was in December 2021: 27.075 euro cents). In July, the market value was 26.09 euro cents and in June, 18.94 euro cents. The increase is related to the steep upward trend in exchange electricity prices: These reached an all-time high in August, with a kilowatt hour in the base-load segment trading for an average of 46.518 euro cents (46.335 ¢) on the Epex Spot power exchange.
The market value solar, which is decisive for PV systems in the so-called direct marketing, is a calculated average of the revenues generated from trading on the exchange for electricity from PV systems subsidized under the Renewable Energy Law (EEG). Direct marketing is mandatory in Germany for PV systems of 100 kilowatts or more, but is also currently far more lucrative than the feed-in-tariffs defined in the EEG – even after the amendment of the law that came into force on July 29. For smaller plants, however, the technical and administrative requirements of direct marketing are a hurdle.

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