German »Market Value Solar« at 14.57 euro cents

The »Market Value Solar« published by the German transmission system operators for the month of April was 14.566 euro cents (15.368 ¢) per kilowatt hour. In March it was 20.712 cents (21.852 ¢), in February 11.871 cents (12.525 ¢).
The value is decisive for the direct marketing of solar power. Its current level means that for operators of PV systems, the revenues in direct marketing – depending on the year in which the systems were commissioned – are in some cases several times higher than the minimum compensation guaranteed in the country’s Renewable Energy Law (EEG). If the market value is below the EEG tariffs, they receive compensation payments. The positive difference that currently arises, on the other hand, does not have to be compensated.
The market value moves roughly in parallel with the trading prices at the European electricity exchange Epex Spot, which have tended to rise rapidly for around one and a half years, but are highly volatile. These amounted to 12.880 cents (monthly average in the base-load segment) in February, rose to 27.895 cents in March and fell to 16.573 cents in April.

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