German FDP calls for abolition of EEG levy before exploratory talks

Even before the beginning of exploratory talks on a possible »Jamaican« coalition of CDU/CSU (conservatives), Green party and FDP (liberals) after the federal election in Germany, the FDP has declared the abolition of so called EEG levy as a basic condition. The levy is defined in Germany’s Renewable Energy Act (Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz, EEG), which finances feed-in payments for renewables-based electricity via cost apportionment to electricity consumers.
This is a »red line« in energy policy, FDP politician Hermann Otto Solms explained in the »Background Energy & Climate« of Berlin-based newspaper »Tagesspiegel«. The apportionment burdens each individual citizen of the Federal Republic of Germany with around 300 euros per year, says Solms, which is why the FDP wants to abolish it and also demands to lower the electricity tax. In the election campaign, the FDP had called for the complete abolition of the EEG.

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