German energy industry association calls for separate tender segment for agri-PV

The German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW) has published a statement on photovoltaic systems where the required area remains available for other uses. In particular, it addresses Agri-PV, i.e. the combination of solar power generation and agriculture. In its 16-page impulse paper, BDEW mentions in the first place a »special segment in the renewable energy tender« and thus joins a demand already formulated by solar project developers, renewable energy industry associations or research institutions.
A »separate tender category with an initial tender volume of 200 megawatts in 2024 and, prospectively, 1 gigawatt per year from 2028 onwards« should be created. This is intended to remove Agri-PV from what BDEW considers an insuperable economic competition with conventional ground-mounted systems. Other points include higher support for small projects not obliged to participate in tenders, the retention of the status as agricultural land - important mainly for tax advantages and the receipt of agricultural subsidies - as well as an opening of so-called disadvantaged areas for Agri-PV (and also conventional free-field systems). The impulse paper (in German) is available for free download (see link below).

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