German EEG levy fell to minus €4.3 billion

With a balance of minus €4.30 billion ($-5.08 billion), the German EEG levy account as of October 31, 2020 is still below the previous low of September (€4.08 billion) and is thus €2.26 billion lower than in the previous month. The account, into which the payments from the country’s electricity price apportionment (»EEG levy«) are banked and from which the remuneration for renewable energy systems is disbursed, is managed by the four German transmission system operators.
The income booked in October amounted to €1.94 billion, of which €1.83 billion came from EEG apportionment payments. This was offset by expenditure of €2.17 billion, of which €2.16 billion was for feed-in tariffs and payments within the framework of direct marketing.

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