German EEG levy account reaches a plus of €1.26 billion

Movement on the EEG levy account: Account balance (in billions of Euros; red) compared with the previous year's level (blue)

The EEG levy account managed by the four German transmission system operators had a cumulative surplus of €1.26 billion ($1.52 billion) at the end of January. At the end of December 2020, as a result of dramatically lower marketing revenues for EEG electricity, a deficit of €4.37 billion ($5.22 billion) accumulated during the year. However, after the German government decided last year to support the account from budgetary funds, the federal government paid €5.1 billion into the account in accordance with Section 3 of the Renewable Energies Ordinance (EEV). In addition, there was a further €2.16 billion in revenue in January, almost entirely from payments of the EEG levy (€2.05 billion), while only around €0.08 billion was earned from the marketing of EEG electricity.
Expenditures totaling €1.63 billion, which were covered by the levy account in January, were predominantly (€1.61 billion) attributable to compensation payments to plant operators. The monthly balance for January is €5.63 billion, so it would have been positive even without the payments under EEV.

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