German Council of Climate Experts calls for doubling of reduction rates

The German Council of Experts on Climate Change has released its first biennial report on the development of greenhouse gas emissions, trends in annual emission levels and the effectiveness of measures taken in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Climate Protection Act.
»We see that an almost continuous increase in activities in all sectors, including rebound effects, counteracted a technically possible greater reduction in emissions,« said Chairman Hans-Martin Henning. The amount of reduction achieved each year would have to more than double the historical trend of the last decade, he said. In the industrial sector, a 10-fold increase in the average reduction quantity per year is necessary, and in the transport sector even a 14-fold increase.
According to the two-year report, the current rate of expansion of solar and wind power plants, heat pumps and electromobility will be far from sufficient to achieve the government’s targets.

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