German companies present strategy paper on climate neutrality

The German »Stiftung KlimaWirtschaft« (Climate Economy Foundation) has published a 19-page document in which it proposes solutions to the following four fields of action: Renewable Energy Expansion, Green Lead Markets, Capital and Raw Materials, Climate Neutrality, and Resilience at the European Level. The foundation is an initiative of German entrepreneurs for climate protection. Its supporters include socially oriented companies and companies in the renewable energy sector as well as DAX-listed companies such as Allianz and Deutsche Telekom.
In the field of renewable energies, the foundation advocates a faster designation of areas for solar and wind power plants as well as Contracts for Difference (CfD) as a price-forming instrument. These should minimize excess profits and losses on the part of energy producers. Network charges and levies should be made more flexible in order to adjust demand to electricity production. In addition, climate-damaging subsidies, which according to the foundation amount to € 65 billion ($ 71.7 billion) annually in Germany, should be reduced and redirected.

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