German »annual market value solar« at 22 euro cents

At 22.306 euro cents (24.115 US cents) per kilowatt hour, the »annual market value of solar« calculated by the four German transmission system operators is, as expected, several times higher than in the previous year. Compared with 2022 (7.55 euro cents), the value rose by 195 percent, although it had already been 162 percent higher in 2021 than in 2020 (2.458 euro cents).
The annual market value is the arithmetical average of the respective monthly market values, which in turn are decisive for the remuneration of photovoltaic systems in direct marketing in accordance with the Renewable Energy Law (EEG). These values in turn correlate with the exchange electricity prices and were therefore far higher in 2022 than ever before.
The annual market value is (retroactively, since it is always determined only at the beginning of the respective subsequent year) decisive for payments to »Ü 20 plants«, i.e. for systems whose regular 20-year entitlement to EEG remuneration has expired. This group of systems, which is currently still small in terms of numbers, thus receives payments that are around twice as high as those for newly connected systems, whose remuneration (depending on construction type and size) is 6.6 to 13 euro cents.

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