GCL-Si and Powin Energy announce joint venture to deliver energy storage solution

Chinese GCL System Integration Technology Co., Ltd., part of the Golden Concorde Group (GCL-SI), and Powin Energy announced mid-November a joint venture, branded as G-Powin Energy Solution, to expand their energy storage business in the Asia-Pacific region. According to the company, Powin is a U.S. based developer of energy storage solution and has delivered over 200 MWh projects and holds a global pipeline of more than 6 GWh.
The modular »Powin Stack« battery system has been engineered from the cell-level up to multi-container-level to maximize energy for both front-of-the-meter and behind-the-meter applications. The new product G-Powin Solution was launched in October during the ALL-Energy Exhibition in Melbourne. It contains DC battery racks, BMS, Containerization, DC collection/protection, PCS integration and EMS.
»This partnership places us in good stead to strengthen power supply in neighbouring regions. For instance, Vietnam's goal of strengthening its grid with the integration of more renewables will require more efficient storage solutions,« said Hui Wu, Vice President of GCL-SI energy storage solution.

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