GCL-Poly will invest $1.9 billion to establish 20 GW factory in China

GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Limited has entered into an agreement with the Qujing Municipal Government in Yunnan Province, China to invest CNY 9 billion ($1.4 billion) to build a monocrystalline silicon project in Qujing's Economic and Technological Development Zone with a designed capacity of 20 GW. The joint venture will use its CCZ continuous Czochralski monosilicon technology at the new facility.
According to the company, »CCZ is a next-generation high-efficiency monocrystalline technology« that uses a special Czochralski crystal growing furnace to realize crystal pulling while feeding and melting. 8 to 10 rods can be pulled within the life cycle of a furnace. At present, RCZ recharged Czochralski technology is used most commonly throughout the industry. Compared with RCZ, the crystal rods produced by CCZ »are of better quality, and the resistivity is more uniform and narrower in distribution, making them more suitable for P-type PERC and N-type batteries.«
In April 2017, GCL-Poly announced that it had completed the acquisition of Sunedison's fifth-generation CCZ technology, FBR silane fluidized bed technology, and related assets.

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