GameChange Solar introduces east-west mounting system »MaxDensity«

US manufacturer of mounting systems for large solar power plants GameChange Solar has presented its new mounting system for east-west plants »MaxDensity«. It is designed for wind loads up to 169 kilometers per hour and snow loads up to 49 kilograms per square meter. For sites with more than moderate soil corrosion, GameChange Solar recommends upsizing posts and galvanization at an additional cost. Portable tools are all that is needed for installation; pile drivers are not required.
The name indicates the maximum dense module occupancy of an area. There are no more gaps between the rows, the modules connect seamlessly. What is questionable from an ecological point of view leads on the other hand to a very favorable price: MaxDensity is offered in the USA for 3.9 US cents per watt and worldwide for 2.9 US cents.

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