FuturaSun presents new HJT »Velvet« module series

Italian module manufacturer FuturaSun will debut its new »Velvet« module series at the Solar Solutions exhibition in Amsterdam from March 14-16. Shipments of the glass-glass modules with bifacial heterojunction (HJT) cells are scheduled to begin in June.
The Velvet Pro series features 120 and 144 half-cells, respectively, in M6 format. The weight of the modules, which measure 1,755 by 1,038 millimeters, is 23.5 kilograms. With outputs of up to 400 W, the Velvet series achieves an efficiency of 22 percent. The standard version has a white interstitial pattern on the second glass, allowing reflected light to be used particularly efficiently. According to FuturaSun, this increases the output by around ten watts per module compared to the version with two transparent glasses. The temperature coefficient is very low at minus 0.26 percent per degree Celsius, typical for HJT cells.
FuturaSun operates its own manufacturing facility in China with 1.2 gigawatts of annual capacity, which is currently being expanded. It also places orders with OEM producers.

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