Fronius Tauro is now also available in the 50 kW power class

Fronius International GmbH has announced the availability of its new Fronius Tauro inverter in the 50 kilowatt power class. The market launch was originally planned for September last year, but was then delayed.
The device features a very wide input voltage range of 400 to 870 volts, which can be fully utilized. Another striking feature is the asymmetry of the DC inputs: two DC inputs each take up a quarter of the power, one half. Another special feature is that the inverter can also be installed horizontally on the floor.
On the AC side, the Tauro 50 kW includes the option of connecting cables with very large cross-sections. This allows installers to replace expensive copper cables with aluminum cables and thus save costs. Additional cost optimization is achieved through so-called AC daisy chaining. This reduces the need for additional components and cabling by chaining the inverters together.

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