Fraunhofer ISE seeks solar power plant operators for inverter field tests

For the research project »ImaStabil«, which has been running since April, the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE and its project partners now invite operators of solar power plants to make their plants available for field measurements. In return, plants that are causing problems will receive »a free analysis as part of the project« upon request.
ImaStabil focuses on stability and harmonic analysis. Under certain conditions, »undesirable resonance effects or high harmonic levels can occur in a solar farm from the interaction of inverters and other components such as cabling and transformers, causing increased losses, premature aging or even equipment failure.« According to Fraunhofer ISE, there have been »no adequate solutions« for analyzing these processes to date. Changing this is the goal of the project.
In an earlier research project (StarStrop), Fraunhofer ISE has already developed a method for determining the impedance and internal harmonic sources of individual inverters. This method – differential impedance spectroscopy – is also to serve as a basis for developing a procedure for the complex interaction in a solar power plant. Corresponding measurement methods have been developed in the laboratory and are now to be »tested by concrete measurements in three different PV power plants«.

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