Fraunhofer ISE opens new outdoor test field

The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE has opened a new outdoor test field in Merding, about five kilometers from the Institute’s location in Freiburg, Germany. Photovoltaic modules in particular, but also integrated systems, are to be installed on the three-hectare site (our picture shows the visualization of a test facility still in the planning stage): Partial areas are planned for testing noise barriers with solar modules (project »PVwins«) and for agri-PV systems (project »VAckerPower«).
Fraunhofer ISE already maintains test fields in Spain (Gran Canaria) and Israel (Negev desert). Test results from different climatic zones and under conditions with strong temperature fluctuations as well as in salty air will complement results obtained under laboratory conditions and be linked to them. The long-term goal is to be able to characterize solar modules in the future after comparatively short tests, taking into account the findings obtained in this way. This should help minimize »module-related yield risks« for solar projects and also make it possible to identify risks in new technologies or designs of solar modules at an early stage.

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