France to close coal fired power plants by 2022

Nicolas Hulot

The French Ministry of ecologic and solidary transition (Ministère de la transition écologique et solidaire) published the governmental Climate Plan (Plan Climat). According to the plan and several other measures which tend to reduce the country’s carbon emissions, the last coal power plant in France will be closed in 2022. However, the share of coal in France’s electricity production is, with only about 2 percent, rather marginal.
The year 2040 will be the deadline for the end of domestic fossil fuels exploitation, the year 2050 is set as deadline to achieve domestic carbon neutrality. The sale of cars with combustion engines is set to end in 2040.
Minister Nicolas Hulot also confirmed the aim of a 32 percent share of renewables in the French energy mix in 2030. Nuclear energy is to be reduced at a moderate speed to a share of 50 percent by 2025.

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