Former German government parties call for »sun package«

In a parliamentary motion entitled »Solar Package for Germany«, the group of the conservative parties CDU and CSU in the German Bundestag, themselves in government under Chancellor Angela Merkel until September 2021, is calling for various measures to speed up the expansion of photovoltaics in the country. The current government, which has been in power for a year and a half, has »hardly gotten anything off the ground« in this regard, according to the motion, which is why the conservatives are now presenting »a concept for turbo-charging the expansion of solar energy and strengthening the domestic industry.«
The proposal contains measures in a wide variety of areas, ranging from simpler rules for the approval of new installations to the establishment of a European solar industry. Quite a few of the measures listed have been called for by industry associations for years – i.e. when the CDU/CSU was still involved in government – while others refer to current debates on major industrial policy issues such as securing supply chains, but also on comparatively small-scale measures such as the creation of a uniform quality standard for so-called balcony power plants.

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