Former German government parties call for numerous improvements for photovoltaics

The conservative CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the German Bundestag, itself in government until last September, has formulated demands for the expansion of renewable energies. The focus of the 27 points summarized in a motion under the title »Accelerated expansion of renewable energies – exploit potential, reduce bureaucracy, create incentives« is on photovoltaics.
A large number of them are very general. For example, there are calls to »improve the legal basis for citizens’ energy communities« and to »strengthen opportunities for marketing renewable energies«, without any further details. Nevertheless, several points correspond to a change of course or the demand for measures that were rejected or at least not implemented by the CDU/CSU when it was in government. Other points correspond quite closely to the criticism of the present government draft for the amendment of the Renewable Energy Law (EEG) voiced, for example, by the German Solar Industry Association or the German Renewable Energy Federation.
The motion was introduced in the Bundestag on June 22 and referred to various committees for further discussion. There have been no reactions from the German solar industry so far.

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