Fluke expands portfolio of test instruments with SMFT-1000

Fluke Corp, a provider of industrial tools and integrated software, has introduced the Solar Multifunction Tester 1000 (SMFT-1000), which simplifies data collection and reporting with a single instrument. It is the latest addition to Fluke’s portfolio of testers for the solar energy industry.
The instrument is suitable for common industry standard measurements: IEC-compliant Category 1 and 2 test regimes, including protective conductor resistance, open circuit voltage, short circuit current, polarity test, insulation resistance and 1kV I-V curve tracing. The interface provides instant access to the tool dashboard and automatic on-screen data analysis. The integrated analysis software compiles data measured with the SMFT-1000 into IEC-formatted reports, allowing technicians to create project, site and customer categories to quickly access data.

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