The Fluid Solar headquarter went off-grid and is powered only by renewables

A four-storey office building powered by a combination of thermal and PV solar and wind energy in South Australia has cut its connection to the electricity grid. The AUD 8 million (USD 6.4 million) Fluid Solar headquarters in Adelaide’s northern suburbs contains energy storage, comprising about 90 percent thermal storage with the remaining 10 percent provided by conventional battery storage. According to the company, the 3000-square-metre building has been operating without the use of the electricity grid since April to test its technologies. Fluid Solar technologies include a 2,200 MWh thermal battery under the car park, renewable energy-powered heating, cooling and ventilation systems and solar thermal collectors to generate 250 kW of thermal energy and a 98 kW array of 378 PV solar panels on the building’s roof.
Surplus electricity generated at the site will be used as part of Tesla’s car-charging network, with provision of 11 electric vehicle bays that will be charged completely by wind and solar power.

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