Fluence to supply 34 MWh of storage for Münch Energie solar power plant in Germany

U.S. energy storage systems provider Fluence Energy Inc. is supplying battery storage systems from its »Gridstack« series for a solar power project of German developer Münch Energie in Merseburg (state of Saxony-Anhalt). The storage system, which is relatively large by German market standards, has a total output of 11.7 megawatts (MW) and 34 megawatt hours (MWh) of capacity in two sub-units, and will be coupled with a solar power plant also built in two sections on two adjacent sites. The plant is to be connected to the grid via its own substation and will thus be able to participate in the market for secondary control energy.
Münch Energie has received two awards for this within the framework of an »innovation tender« of the Federal Network Agency (with a bid deadline of April 1). These tenders are in principle open to all combinations of different renewable energy plants, but are dominated by solar/storage combinations. In the tendering round in question, only such plants were awarded contracts.
Münch Energie’s project is divided into nearly 20 MW of PV with a 6.67 MW / 19.05 MWh storage facility and 14.5 MW of PV with 5 MW / 15 MWh storage. Completion is scheduled for next April.

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