Flanders registered 10 MW of new PV systems in November

The Belgian region of Flanders registered around 10 MW of newly installed PV capacity in November 2013, according to statistics from Flemish energy regulator VREG. The newly installed capacity for the first 11 months of last year came to just 39 MW. For comparison, Flanders installed 351.3 MW in full year 2012 and 820.0 MW in 2011. The region's cumulative installed PV capacity reached 2,115 MW at the end of November. Of this capacity, 1,072.7 MW is represented by PV systems up to 10 kW, while PV systems between 10 and 250 kW and PV systems over 250 kW have reached an installed capacity of 461.4 MW and 581.1 MW, respectively.
The sharp reduction in newly installed PV capacity seen last year was a direct result of the introduction of a retroactive grid tax for all PV systems installed in Flanders and cuts to the region’s green certificate program.

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