Five EU energy ministers call for one terawatt of PV by 2030

In a letter to the European Commission, the energy ministers of Austria, Belgium, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Spain have proposed a »European Solar Act« as part of the »REPowerEU« plan to decouple fossil fuel imports from Russia, which is expected to be updated later this month. The goal should be »to have at least one terawatt photovoltaics installed in the EU» by 2030.
To achieve this goal, the law should, among other things, include a standard for the installation of PV systems on new or substantially renovated buildings, ensure better availability of EU funds for projects as well as the expansion of production capacities, and ensure »enhanced assistance to Member States to fully exploit the potential of involving citizens in the energy system as self-consumers, collective self-consumers and renewable energy communities.« Other proposed points are mainly aimed at strengthening the European solar industry and addressing the shortage of skilled workers along the entire value chain.
The letter is available for download on the website of the European solar industry association Solar Power Europe.

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