First »subsidy-free« solar power plant in Great Britain officially opened

The 10-megawatt Clayhill solar power plant near Flitwick (Bedfordshire) went into operation yesterday. The plant, developed by renewable energy company Anesco Ltd., also includes a 6-megawatt storage system and is the first large solar power plant in the UK to be operated without public subsidies. The opening was also attended by Claire Perry, State Minister for Climate Protection and Industry.
Anesco CEO Steve Shine spoke of a »landmark development« which proves » that the Government’s decision to withdraw subsidies doesn’t have to signal the end of solar as a commercially viable technology.« Shine cited the combination with the storage system supplied by the Chinese manufacturer BYD and the »groundbreaking« 1.5 megawatt inverters from the Chinese manufacturer Huawei, which are also being used in Clayhill for the first time in Europe according to Anesco, as a key factor in the cost-effectiveness of the plant.

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