First Solar presents first functional series 6 module

First Solar in Kulim, Malaysia

US module manufacturer First Solar, Inc. unveiled the first functional Series 6 thin film photovoltaic module off the company’s Perrysburg, Ohio, new production line during a meeting with investment analysts. According to the company, the large area Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) glass-on-glass module was part of the first batch of material run completely through the recently activated line. The new line is expected to be producing commercial product by early in the second quarter of 2018, and will have an annualized output of 600 MW when operating at full capacity. Series 6 is expected to enter the commercial market with a power rating of 420 to 445 W and conversion efficiency of over 17 percent. Measuring approximately 2 meters by 1.2 meters. Series 6 modules can be installed on any ground-based PV mounting system.
Furthermore, First Solar announced it is expanding its production facility in Vietnam, essentially doubling production capacity of the initial site, which is still under construction. Annualized production capacity in Vietnam, when fully operational, will be 2.4 GW. This, in combination with Perrysburg and facilities in Kulim, Malaysia, will give First Solar a total Series 6 manufacturing capacity of approximately 5.4 GW by 2020, and represents approximately $1.4 billion in capital investment.
The company will continue to maintain some Series 4 production at the Kulim plant »as long as economic global demand calls for the product.«

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