Fenecon and GLS conduct crowdfunding for »CarBatteryReFactory«

German storage system manufacturer Fenecon GmbH is conducting a crowdfunding campaign for its »CarBatteryReFactory« in cooperation with GLS Bank. According to Fenecon, around € 1 million ($1.05 million) have already been subscribed, with a total of €3 million ($3.15 million) being targeted.
The production facility planned in Iggensbach (Bavaria) is expected to start manufacturing industrial storage systems based on first and second life electric car batteries in 2024. Last July, Fenecon already received funding of €4.5 million ($4.7 million) from the European Union’s »EU Innovation Fund« for its multi award-winning concept. The hardware and software platform enables electric car batteries to be used as »full packs«, i.e. including cooling and battery management systems. Both used batteries and new ones can be used – the storage system then serves as a »living spare parts store«.

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