Federal subsidies to the German EEG levy account are compensated again

The EEG levy account managed by the four German transmission system operators closed 2021 with a balance of €10.84 billion. This means that the support payments made by the German government on the basis of the Renewable Energies Ordinance totaling €10.8 billion have been compensated for in arithmetical terms. No slump is expected in the coming months despite the reduction in the EEG levy from 6.5 to 3.723 cents per kilowatt hour, effective since January 1: Due to currently extremely high exchange electricity prices, high revenues from the sale of EEG electricity continue to flow in, but above all, no (or only very low) market premium payments are expected to flow out of the levy account because the revenues from direct marketing are far higher than the "values to be applied" defined in the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG). This trend is also made clear by the development in December. The account balance as of Dec. 31 is not only 15.02 billion higher than the December 2020 balance, but also 1.6 billion euros higher than in the previous month. Whereas in November there was an outflow of EUR 1.06 billion for payments of feed-in tariffs and market premiums, in December the figure was just EUR 0.66 billion, due to seasonal effects but above all to a further rise in exchange electricity prices. In December 2020, this figure was still €2.0 billion. In total, 3.06 billion euros were generated from the marketing of EEG electricity in 2021 (2020: 1.05 billion), while 22.63 billion came from payments of the EEG levy (2020: 23.22 billion). Together with the €10.8 billion from the federal budget and other, smaller items, this gives total revenue of €37.0 billion. After deducting support payments, the figure was 26.2 billion euros (2020: 24.51 billion).

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