Exnaton offers software for energy communities in Switzerland

Exnaton AG, a spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, is a software provider specializing in the billing and management of renewable energy communities and has also launched what it claims is Switzerland's first energy community called »Quartierstrom« in Walenstadt in 2017. After numerous projects on neighborly electricity trading in other countries, Exnaton now wants to offer the billing platform for local, independently produced energy to energy providers in Switzerland as well, as soon as the legal framework has been passed.
In June of this year, the »Ständerat« (Council of States, the small chamber of the Swiss parliament) passed the Energy Cloak Decree, which for the first time contains concrete provisions for the implementation of local electricity communities (LEGs), an extension of the successful ZEV model (association for self-consumption). LEGs involve individuals and local businesses joining together to produce, share, and consume renewable energy locally. The National Council is expected to approve the energy mantle bill in the fall.
Exnaton has published a white paper on LEGs (also in English) on its website.

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