Eurosolar protests against inclusion of nuclear and natural gas in EU taxonomy

The European Association for Renewable Energie Eurosolar rejects »any elements of nuclear and natural gas supply in the EU taxonomy for environmentally sustainable activities«. The taxonomy is a classification system for sustainable economic activities which are due to receive advantageous financing conditions under EU regulations. The European Commision has proposed to include nuclear and natural gas into the taxonomy. Member states like Germany strongly protested or, like Luxembourg and Austria, even announced to bring action against the Commission, while others are decisevely supporting the proposal.
In a declaration published on Friday, Eurosolar stated that including »lethal energy system« would harm the environmental objectives of the taxonomy regulation. »New investments in gas and nuclear power plants,« said Eurosolar president Peter Droege, »would be another massive obstacle in the efforts to bring about the transition to renewables and mitigate the catastrophic consequences of abrupt global warming in Europe and around the world.«

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