European solar market grew by 28 percent in 2017

Solar park in Turkey (3,4 MW plant in Nigde province)

European countries installed at least 8.61 GW of solar power systems in 2017 – an increase of 28 percent compared to 6.72 GW added in 2016, estimates solar power association »Solar Power Europe«. EU member states grew by around 6 percent to 6.03 GW in 2017 from 5.69 GW in 2016. The largest European solar market in 2017 was Turkey, which connected 1.79 GW to the grid last year, followed by Germany with 1.75 GW. According to the organization, finally Germany could rank as the number one in Europe, because these preliminary figures are based on system operators' registrations and could increase.
While Turkey grew by 213 percent year-on-year and Germany by 23 percent, the UK lost its position as the leading European solar market. After axing solar incentive programmes, new installations dropped by 54 percent to around 912 MW in the UK, from 1.97 GW in 2016, less than half of the 4.1 GW that was installed in 2015. France and the Netherlands added 887 MW and 853 MW, respectively. Spain installed 135 MW of new solar systems in 2017, a 145 percent increase from 55 MW installed in 2016, says Solar Power Europe.

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