European HyDeal project aims to offer green hydrogen from solar power for €1.50 per kilogram

Within the framework of a project called »HyDeal-Ambition«, 30 companies from the European energy industry want to participate in the development of a green hydrogen network. The aim is to offer the gas throughout Europe at a price of €1.50 ($1.81) per kilogram by 2030 - this is the current price for hydrogen produced using fossil sources.
The hydrogen is to be produced by electrolysis using solar power, and production is to begin in 2022 on the Iberian Peninsula. The multi-stage concept envisages supplying Spain and the southwest of France first, followed by the east of France and then Germany. Initially, a portfolio of solar sites with a capacity of almost ten gigawatts will be installed in Spain within a year. In addition, the possibilities of »a hydrogen highway from North Africa via Italy to Central Europe« are being examined.
The plan is to build up a solar power capacity of 95 GW and an electrolysis capacity of 67 GW by 2030. Customers in the energy, industry and mobility sectors could then be supplied with 3.6 million metric tons of green hydrogen annually via the gas grid and storage facilities. This volume is reportedly the energy equivalent of about 140 terawatt hours and nearly 60 percent of Germany's total net renewable electricity generation in 2020.

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