EU solar initiative for Ukraine launches with 5,700 solar modules from Enel

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced Friday (March 3) a first shipment of solar modules to Ukraine as part of an initiative she announced during a visit by commissioners to Kiev on Feb. 2. To kick off the project, called »Ray of hope,« Italian energy group Enel Spa is donating 5,700 modules of 350 watts each – a total of around two megawatts – from its »3Sun« solar factory in Catania, Sicily. The factory is being expanded as one of seven projects from the EU Commission's Innovation Fund with a subsidy of € 118 million ($ 125 million) out of a planned total investment of € 600 million and is expected to reach an annual capacity of three gigawatts in 2024; the Italian government plans to provide a further € 70 million in subsidies.
The solar modules are to be installed on public buildings in Ukraine. With its initiative, the EU plans to provide a total of 5,400 distributed, off-grid generation systems to help mitigate the impact of Russian attacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure.

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