EU project on European supply chain for IBC solar cells

The International Solar Energy Research Center (ISC) Konstanz has been confirmed by the European Union as the responsible coordinator of the »IBC4EU« project. The aim is to establish a European pilot production of solar modules with bifacial IBC cells as a blueprint for later gigawatt-scale factories. Almost the entire supply chain from ingot to wafer, cells and modules is to be covered. With IBC (interdigitated back contact) cells, the positive and negative terminals are located on the back of the cell, eliminating the need for he otherwise customary contact grid on the front.
The project is being carried out by the 17 EURECA partners, which include ISC Konstanz and Finnish company Valoe, which has already implemented an 80-megawatt production facility in Vilnius (Lithuania) using the ZEBRA technology developed by ISC. According to the ISC, ZEBRA is the most cost-effective IBC technology with an average efficiency of more than 23.6 percent proven in industrial production.
The project, which was already approved by the EU at the end of May, is part of the »European Rear Contact Alliance« (EURECA) and the continuation of the »Horizon 2020« project »Highlite.« According to the ISC Konstanz, the project is expected to start on November 1. The funding volume amounts to €13.5 million ($13.7 million).

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