EU Parliament votes for higher expansion target and faster procedures for Renewables

In the course of updating the European Union’s Renewable Energy Directive (RED III) for the »Green Deal« and the »REPowerEU Plan«, the European Parliament gave its final approval on Tuesday (September 12). The vote was 470 to 120 with 40 abstentions. However, formal approval by the European Council (the governments of the member countries) is still required for the plan to come into force.
The Parliament first voted on RED III exactly one year ago, and the requirements have been reduced since then. Under the current decision, the EU is raising its expansion target for the share of renewable energy in final energy consumption to 42.5 percent in 2030, with member states striving to reach 45 percent. In September last year, 45 percent had been generally envisaged. To date, however, the target is only 32 percent, and around 22 percent has actually been achieved. Relating to the transport sector, the reduction targets for emissions are now 14.5 percent by 2030, which is even lower than the 16 percent originally envisaged.
The parliament further decided that the approval procedures for renewable energy plants in so-called »renewable go-to areas« designated for this purpose should take no longer than twelve months and no longer than 24 months everywhere else.

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