EU Commission seeks members for PV alliance

The European Commission announced Oct. 11 that it has agreed to establish a new European solar industry alliance. A call for membership is to be issued in November. The alliance is to pursue »the aim of scaling up manufacturing technologies of innovative solar photovoltaic products and components. This will contribute to accelerating the deployment of solar power across the EU and improving the resilience of the EU’s energy system.«
The alliance is one of the initiatives of the EU Solar Energy Strategy, which was adopted in May 2022 as part of the »REPowerEU« plan. The goal is to expand EU-wide installed solar power capacity by 320 gigawatts (GW) by 2025 and 600 GW by 2030, and to create a corresponding domestic industry. »With the alliance’s support, the EU could reach 30 Gigawatt of annual solar energy manufacturing capacity by 2025 across the full PV value chain,« said EU Single Market Commissioner Thierry Breton.
Once established, the alliance is to bring together stakeholders from industry, research institutes, consumer associations, non-governmental organizations and other PV stakeholders to create an action plan for the solar industrial value chain in Europe.

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