ESMC: EU member states should use more RRP program funds for photovoltaics

Under the European Post-Covid Recovery and Resilience plan (RRP), €672.5 billion in loans and grants are available to support member state reforms and investments. The European Solar Manufacturing Council (ESMC) noted that the 18 grant applications submitted so far did address hydrogen and renewable energy installation. But only four member states were submitting applications for funding to produce photovoltaic equipment, namely Italy, Portugal, Spain and Poland - with even the latter three not explicitly, but only indirectly, mentioning the development of a photovoltaic industry. This sends »a worrying and disappointing signal to both the European Union and individual member states,« the ESMC said, as it means that many of the solar products needed will still have to be imported.
In a position paper, the ESMC notes that while member states such as Germany, France, Austria, Belgium and Lithuania have huge potential for a thriving photovoltaic industry, it cannot be leveraged without support from instruments such as RRP. Meanwhile, the window for submitting applications or supplementing existing applications is not yet closed and there is an opportunity for improvement, the organization said.

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